Vital Alpha Testo I will now not speak about its benefits for the beautiful half of humanity and for individuals who nevertheless can’t pull themselves at the horizontal bar, that is understandable, for them – that is system number 1. I need to give an explanation for why a simulator with a counterweight is so cool for gaining returned mass, and what its allure consists in: Pulling up on the bar is absolutely the exceptional exercising to amplify your back. But there’s one caveat – at some stage in the exercise, a massive load falls on the rotational cuff of the shoulder . Too big. Therefore, humans whose weight is near 100-kilogram mark, sports doctors do not endorse to drag up on the bar. But pull-united states of americawith a counterbalance of this downside are disadvantaged. The lower back loves tough energy education, it is a truth. But just do now not take the again as a whole, it consists of many muscle mass, a number of which reply properly to the growth of sports with a small variety of repetitions. But no longer the widest ones, they similar to a multi-repetitive load. In different phrases, to make your again wider you want to tug up for the technique 12-15 times. And it’s miles applicable oftentimes for a exercise. How many human beings inside the hall are capable of deal with this type of quantity of pull-u.S.On the horizontal bar? Negative schooling Lowering weight to advantage weight is extra crucial than lifting it. That is, the more we are able to slow down lowering the frame down after rising to the bar, the greater muscle tissue may be protected within the paintings. And the faster the lower back turns into wider. And now the question is, where is it less difficult to do at the horizontal bar or inside the simulator with a counterweight? Note: the proof of the megavailability of the negative section is the end result of the Colorado experiment , conducted in 1973. Then the “experimental rabbit” Casey Vayator was able to advantage a file 28 pounds of muscle in 28 days. Of route, it could not do without chemistry, however the predominant thing is that he did all the sports with a robust put off inside the section of reducing the load. If you still lower the projectile as quick as you raised it, I recommend you to slow down the bad phase a touch in the subsequent lesson, you’ll feel the result the very next morning. Great variability Due to the presence of various handles, you can pull up in the simulator for the widest in lots of approaches: huge grip, narrow, reverse, parallel. Fans of the crossbar can item to me that on the horizontal bar you could pull up in this way. It is viable, but within the gravitron normally extra cozy and safer for the wrists. And even on this simulator, every body can pull themselves up in a one-armed manner, but how much can he do at the horizontal bar?